We neither offer fund management nor manage your wealth. We are first and foremost yield managers focused on maximizing the returns on our capital. This means balancing short term gains and long term returns, with results that consistently outperform the market.

At InvesUnited, yields come first.


InvesUnited is a privately owned investment company with international interests across asset classes including real estate, equities and fixed income.

About Us

Our team has owned and managed a diverse range of assets across Asia, Australia, Europe and the US that have delivered above market cash-on-cash returns annually for over a decade.


We have managed, invested and advised on over oneĀ billion USDĀ of assets across 20 industries and 15 markets.

Our Team

We work with partners across industries and sectors in Asia, Australia, Europe and the US who can help grow our assets and yields.


We add value to family and corporate wealth and decision making.